02 Jan 1946



My darling Sweetheart,

I'm sorry you got no mail from me on Wed. You should have done, I hope it turned up since. As you say “D” Day is gradually drawing nearer as is also “W” Day ---- usually known as “the day of Doom”. I do get my leg pulled. How sorry I'm going to be afterwards etc etc. why don't I stay single as long as possible etc etc. I'm getting quite used to it now & usually give some quick answer. I always take it in good part because I know it's only teasing.

You've made me ever so curious about this medical inspection & what the doctor said. I suppose it's something no nice girl would want to know ---- but I'm all ears. Do tell me in your next letter, and what is a “short arm inspection”? I'm dying to know all about it ---- fancy telling me half a tale.

I told you the dockets had arrived didn't I? I'm giving the ones for blankets & sheets to Mr. Reeves this morning when I go to town.

I received a parcel from you on Tues morning. I have told you before but perhaps you haven't got the letter yet. It was smashing, thankyou.

You make me feel guilty when you say you owe your mother money for those sheets & things. I didn't know you'd decided to have the clock. Personally I think it's far too much money. You can get a new one for less than that, you know. Anyway, if you like it & want it let's have it.

I got my cheque tonight for my salary & I'm not accepting it. It's only for £10.2.6 & when everythings taken off I should get at least £12-18-0 or something like that. I'm going to see Master about it & I'm writing to Nottm. It came from there. I know what they've done, they're paying us on the old rate of pay instead of the new. Somebody's got to tell 'em.

I can't think of any more news to tell you ---- except Mrs. Sharpe next door ---- has lent me her wedding dress. It fits me almost perfectly so I've only to worry about the bridesmaids clothes now.

Well sweetheart, I'm just longing to see you again. A fortnight & 4 or 5 days seems a long, long time to me. Never mind 11 weeks today ------. Did you realize it was so near. I've been wondering about my bouquet. You'd like me to have lilies wouldn't you? I think I shall be able to get some. Would you really like me to have them? I want to hear what you'd like, you know.

I'd better close Sweetheart,

All my Love Always.

X X XXXX X X X X X Your own, May X X

557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,




Short arm Inspection:

In militaries, the term "short-arm inspection" refers to the medical inspection of male soldiers' penises (euphemistically referred to as the "short arm") for signs of sexually-transmitted diseases and other medical problems.

The precise origin of the term is uncertain; however, Australian troops are known to have used the term during the First World War.[1] source wikipedia.

After the aftermath of World War I, the army medical compiled notes of its disease and non-battle injury (DNBI's) rates and found that the leading illness that caused the most marked effect against the troops was gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases. During the next conflict it was decided that more attention to the education and early detection of these type disease's would be implemented.

Sure enough, when America entered the conflict in WWII, the doctors were ready. The US army entered the soft porn industry by making and exhibiting the dreaded "Hygiene films". (Count Spirochete was a real packing actor). Troops were issued a sexual intercourse prophey pack containing after contact antiseptic washes, balms and condoms, before entering a war theater from the U.S. As a further precaution, a physical inspection was devised to ensure that the signs of venereal disease was spotted early.

The inspection consisted of a mass line up of all the males of the group (platoon, company ect), usually at two-week intervals, (usually in conjunction within the times of incubation after a visit to towns or areas where the ole houses of ill repute were. To ensure they got everyone at the same time, the inspections were called in the early morning hours, say about 3 or 4 in the morning, when most people were asleep in their beds. Further reasoning for this was a half sleepy person wasnt as resistant as they would if the person was wide awake in the daylight hours. It was also reasoned by the higher authorities that if the inspection occured at this hour, it lowered the chances for an accidental erection, and a possible manly disgrace to occur. A uniform, consisting of only the wear of boots, overcoat and helmet liner, was proscribed for conformity and ease in the inspection. Procedures were written and regulations issued, delegating this task to the units medical officer or assistant.

The men were formed into ranks, and given the command to go to attention. The doctor or his designee would then proceed down the lines to perform the inspection.

The doctor had a proscribed regime of spoken orders to the now shivering inspected. On the order to "present", the man was to undo his great coat and allow the man to inspect him for sores or other outward signs of infection. On the order to "Strip it down” each man was to grasp the base of his penis and using a stripping motion, run the hand to its tip. This was to see if anything foreign, such as drainage from an unseen infection were to be found in the urethra. If nothing was found, the man was told to 'recover" and so he tucked himself back into his greatcoat and returned to the position of attention.

These inspections were first performed at the Army staging centers in New York state. Now the men noticed how much these inspections followed the formality of a regular inspection. The inspection terms used avoided embarrassment by using words common for inspecting weapons, to ensure function and ability to fire when needed. And because in the profession of arms. weapons were divided into divisions such as side arms (Pistol and swords), quarter arms (knives and cutlasses), some unknown wag created a weapons divison of ...Short Arms. And a Short Arm Inspection it became. source: http://www.military-quotes.com/forum/origin-term-short-arm-inspection-t1161.html




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