09 Oct 1945




My own darling Sweetheart,

I haven't had a letter from you today, I don't know whether one of yesterdays was intended for today or whether I shall receive one for tomorrow.

I went out shopping in the market today. I've bought some pillow cases and a pair of blankets. You'll be horrified when I tell you how much tghey cost but considering they're “all wool” & utility things cost nearly £5 a pair, I don't think they're so bad really. They're ten times better than utility & I paid £6.10 for them. Isn't it disgusting? Do you think i've wasted the money & ought to have bought the utility models? Mother'll say I'm a fool I've no doubt --- but they should last years & years.

I've no news to tell you at all today – just the same old story --- it seems like years & years since I last saw you & I'm simply longing for the time to be with you again. Yu've never mentioned that house again --- what have you decided. In my own mind I'm already living there. It makes our life together seem so much nearer.

I feel so queer tonight --- feel just as if I'm weighed down by the responsibility of spending your money for our home. I keep telling myself I've done the right thing but I'm scared you won't approve. I do wish we could spend it together but of course that's impossible at the moment. Never mind one day we will be able to ----- if we've anything left to spend.

There's no end of things I want to tell you & ask you but I can't think of anythig at the moment. All I can think of is that I love you & want you right now. It's only with you I'm really happy and content.

All my Love. Ever



55786. Tpr. Hallam, J.H., R.A.C.,

H.Q.Company, (Sgts. Mess Cook),

G.S.C. Depôt,

Whittington Barracks,