16 Oct 1945



Tues. 16.10.45

My own darling Sweetheart,

Well today is over & so ends my State trial. I never felt so nervous & hysterical in my life as I felt this morning. I must have worked myself  up unconsciously to such a pitch I just wanted to take myself into a corner where no one could see me & yell my head off. In future I shall feel sorry for nervous people & not just regard them with contempt. The trouble with me is that I've been kidding myself I didn't care whether I got my exam or not & suddenly I did realize I cared quite a lot. Anyway it's over now & if I've passed, I've passed & if I've failed, I've failed --- it's too late to do anything now.

All I want now is you to come home for good so that I can be with you always. You make everything else seem so unimportant when I'm with you.

Will you please forige me for writing such a short note but I'm ever so tired tonight.

Yours for Ever.

X X X X X X X May X X X X X X X


This letter was included with the letter of the 17th October and bore a postmark of the 18th October.