19 Oct 1945




My own darling Sweetheart,

I was very pleased to hear from you again this morning. What business have you been up to in Tamworth? Are you determined to make me curious? First you tell me you have two surprises & the you say “the shops were all closed but I did what I went for”. I want to know all about it.

I do want to see you again. I can feel a fit of blues coming over me as I write this. I'm simply dying for the sight of you. All being well I'm going home for the day a week on Sunday --- so if you could get time off it would be just grand.

Your camp seems a horrid place to live in. why on earth do you get up at 4 in the morning? You'd better not be there at Xmas & be snowed up, you know. You must be home then or what's the use of me being at home. I'm absolutely determined that I'll be there & I'd be ever so disappointed if you aren't there too.

I haven't yet asked your mother about the red flannel --- do you think she might manage to get some for me? I don't approve of these silly little things you can almost see through --- much! You should see me now --- or rather you shouldn't --- in some pants very similar to the ones your mother was selling. It's the first time for years that I've ever worn any thing like them. It's certainly warmer though even if they are “passion killers”. “Free Traders” are more in my line. Have I made you disgusted yet? I keep trying.

I've taken my first X-ray tonight, alone & unaided, & it turned out marvellously well. I haven't finished patting myself on the back yet. I do like to do things properly. At some future date after many weary struggles I may turn out a perfect cake or pudding. There'll be no holding me down then. We'll have to put it in all the papers “Wife at last reaches Husbands' standard of cooking”. I can see it already.

Well sweetheart its too cold to sit & write any more. However little I write I love you just as much.

All my Love Always.


557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,




Passion Killers I think were plain, rather voluminous ladies knickers which went as far as the knee and had elastic round the bottoms, therby hindering male amourous activity. Free Traders could have been more like feminine boxer shorts.