23 Jan 1946


Newark etc.


My darling Sweetheart,

Too late almost I've realized it's your birthday today. I've been thinking for weeks now that it was on a Thursday for some unknown reason. Anyway I wish you all the happiness in the world & many Happy Returns of your birthday. You deserve the very, very best, & more, Heaven knows. I can't tell you excactly how much I do wish for you.

I received three letters & a parcel of toffess from you this morning. One letter I found on the ward early in the morning it must have arrived on Monday night & they'd forgotten to give it to me. You're too good to me you know it's me who should be sending things to you ---- not the other way about. Don't you ever eat any sweets at all? I feel a bit guilty when I settle down to enjoy one.

I was ever so pleasantly surprised though to receive this big parcel & wondered what on earth it could be inside it. Are you trying to make me even fatter than I am already?

I've been handed a Catholic book on 'Marriage' tonight. It's pretty decent too. It deals with the subject pretty seriously from all angles but I feel perfectly certain in my own mind that I am quite capable of doing everything I should do without a twinge of doubt as to whether it's right or not. Although in a way I'm a bit scared of folk I'm longing for my wedding day when I can pledge in Church & before as many people as like to come that I love you with all my mind, body & soul. Surely if everybody meant those words when they said them there wouldn't be so many broken marriages about today. It makes me think that there's a lot of people who just get married for the most trivial reasons & never bother to think seriously about things beforehand. I know I could never pledge myself to live with a man for the rest of my life unless the said man had made such a deep impression on me that to be seperated from him was absolute agony. Anyway I've met such a man & “For better or worse, richer or poorer”. I'll be his forever. I've already vowed that to myself & to you ---- we only need the ceremony etc to let the world know.

I've heard from Marjorie yesterday morning. She sends her best regards to you. There's been quite a bit of scandal at the old C.G. I'm sorry I'm not there to enjoy it. I do love choice, juicy bits.

You seem to have been giving the dentist a lot of trouble. Are you feeling alright now. It's lousy weather to go & have teeth pulled out isn't it?

I can see I shall have to be pretty careful what films we go to see when you come home. You're far too partial for females legs. I wish I'd got several nice pairs of my own. Do you know what I'd do? I'd pull my skirts right down over them so that you wouldn't be able to see my knees. That'd teach you!

I think my hands are a bit better thankyou. They don't feel half so sore as they did. Actually I think it's been more chilbains than anything else this time.

Thanks for the newspaper cuttings. Trust you to find the bits.

I haven't heard anymore about the dockets yet but I don't expect we shall for another week or two. They're never in much of a hurry with such things atre they? I don't think for a minute we've made a mess of the form., because I was pretty careful & you checked up on it.

Like you, I'm longing for Sat. I do hope you catch that early bus. I'm just living for the time when I shall see you again. It's ages since you went away isn't it? It seems like years to me.

I'd no idea you'd got an allotment sweetheart. Will you have time to do it? There's quite a big garden attached to OUR HOUSE isn't there? Perhaps I'll be able to claim a bit of our own garden for flowers then. I'd love a few roses & things. I think I'm going to get my wish too, there's quite a decent lilac tree in the garden isn't there? We must have some flowers of some description all the year round.

Talk about you feeling a married man ---- in some ways I feel a married woman & yet I know that when I actually am, I'll be a different person altogether. I'm ever so happy now but I can't imagine the degree of happiness that'll be mine when we do really live together as man & wife. There'll be no outside jobs claiming my attention all I'll have to do will be to think of you & your comfort. I'm just longing & longing for that day to dawn.

Till Saturday then. I'll be thinking of you ---- on sat I hope I'll be seeing you.

All my Love Always.

Yours for Everything

X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X May X X X X X


557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,



photo : Telegram : "Many happy returns sweetheart. Fondest love. May "