25 Oct 1945



My darling Sweetheart,

I've just come in from my half day off. It's raining cats & dogs & blowing like mad. If it wasn't so uncomfortable getting wet I'd really enjoy being out in it all. I'm crazy I know but I love being out in the wind.

I did not receive a letter from you this morning but I've just had the pleasure of reading one that came at tea time. I had a letter from the Matron at Newark Infirmary this morning. She says she would like me to go there as Night Sister, if I've got my State. Heaven knows what'll happen to me if I haven't got it. I feel rather worried now. I fancy myself as Sister Cooper for a short time, only a very short time though. I'm just dying for the time when I shall be called something very,ver different.

Can you imagine me as a Sister? I'll be scared out of my wits at first but I suppose I shall get used to it. It'll be a big responsibility. I think I shall be in charge of the whole place & there's no trained staff to help me with any problems. Provided I don't killanyone off I shall soon gain confidence. I soon get “cocky” you know.

I'm waiting to hear my results now & I'm expecting a letter from the Public Assistance Officer giving me full details of the job. I should get a fairly good screw I think. I'm ever so thrilled about it but at the same time I'm not at all sure about my State.

Everyone sends their love to you. I intend going home on Sunday – I've no idea how I shall get there from Newark. I'll just have to trust to luck & hope another nice taxi driver comes along. I hope you don't mind me having a lift with a strange man.

My cushion covers are “coming on” marvellously. Did I tell you I took the material I bought on to Cas. to wash it last night. Some of the colour came out so I bolied it in the sterilizer. It's come out quite a nice colour. It smelt just like a family wash day --- it's a good job Matron didn't make a round or I'd have “had it”. Not satisfied with that though I took an iron across afterwards & finished the job off. I'd be going down the drive in a hurry if any of the “powers that be” found out.

I do wish we could get hold of all the fat you waste, we shall want a wedding cake shan't we? I'm saving up sugar --- actually it's a form of pinching. I asked Mother about a cake the other week you did say once that you'd like your Aunt Emm to do it but it's Mum's responsibility really. Anyway she says it's no use discussing it till later because cakes won't keep these days the flour is so poor. If all the people came though that I think will want to come we shall need a cke as big as a table – with two or three tiers --- & then there'd be none left for you & me. Not that that would matter I should be too excited to eat anything that day.

I want to see Annie & your mother. She did say she could get hold of wedding clothes so I'm hoping that even if she can't get a dress for me she'll be able to get some blue ones for the bridesmaids.

I'm going off into my daydreams again & it's already 11.15pm so I'd better close & get my bath & into bed.

All my Love. Always.


557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,