26 Oct 1945




My darling Sweetheart,

well, I've finished one of my cushion covers tonight & I'm very pleased with it. I'll get cracking on the other one now & then finish my tablecloth. I'm ever so busy these days – I'm always doing something but yet I never seem to do enough.

I've heard from Mother again today. She says your mother has got me a coat & some towels & Renee has got my material so I'm to be sure & to take some money home with me. I think it must be my licky week. Fancy everything turning up at once.

Your book about Russia has turned up tonight. I think I'll take it home with me sometime when I go --- I'm loaded up this week already.

Do you know it's almost a month since I last saw you. If it hadn't been for your letters I should most likely have forgotten you by now ---- I don't think. Still it's a long time & I don't know how much longer I'll be able to live without one glimpse of you.

I'm sitting shivering in my room tonight. You make me ever so jealous when you talk of sitting over a fire --- you're better treated than we are. I can see I ought to have joined the army. If the war had kept on I thought of joining the Q.A's. We start as 1st lietenant you know & then all the boys & men I knew would have had to salute me. Can you imagine it? If you'd have failed to comply with my orders I would have had you all put on charges or something. It's not my fault I belong to the superior sex.

Anyway, sweetheart I'd better close I'm terribly tired.

All my Love Always.


557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,




Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC; commonly known as the QAs) is the nursing branch of the British Army and part of the Army Medical Services.

In 1902, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) was established by Royal Warrant, and was named after Queen Alexandra, who became its President. In 1949, the QAIMNS became a corps in the British Army and was renamed as the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps.

QAIMNS rank Equivalent Army rank (from 1941)

Staff Nurse

Sister                            Lieutenant

Senior Sister                  Captain

Matron                           Major

Principal Matron             Lieutenant-Colonel

Chief Principal Matron     Colonel

Matron-in-Chief               Brigadier.