About this site Stalag viiib

About this site Stalag viiib


In keeping with Trooper Hallam's long captivity and his aspirations to a world of peace with no bars or barbed wire, with no censorship, or restriction of movement and constructive thought, this site has been built and hosted using entirely Open Source software and the content is offered Copyright Free for all non-commercial use.


"It has been a sacrifice I would most gladly make again sooner than any I love have to go and give their life and their blood, and to know that at least the ones we love so dear can enjoy life and freedom in a country that is so proud and just."


October 6th 1945. J. H. Hallam


This site is a monument to all those prisoners who were incarcerated in the Stalags in World War 2, and subsequent past and continuing wars.


I would like to thank my brothers John and Richard, and sister Shiela for supporting this site.