Authors note and disclaimer, East Stoke Commemorative Book, World War one soldiers

Authors note and disclaimer:

The following individual biographies have been researched as much as currently is possible.

This is to ensure that a reasonably accurate account of each individuals life and where possible the events leading towards the individuals tragic death are respectfully recorded.

Any errors that may be uncovered are certainly not intended and can be amended in a future edition.(Please email me)

It is likely that as time goes on there may be more information available from digital public records or family members so that gaps in these biographies may become much less apparent. Any additional information to enhance these biographies would be welcomed.

These biographies are not intended for commercial gain – that would be totally disrespectful – rather these biographies are to enable future generations to know who it is that they are asked to remember.

If readers or visiting public would like a personal copy I am sure that for a donation to the Poppy Appeal would not cause any disrespect to anybody.


Dick Hallam.