Bourn Wednesday Night



Tues Wed night

Dear mam and all

thanks a lot for the candles which arrived O.K. yesterday, we can manage to get into bed now with a little light. I'm glad you got the parce o.k. I know you'd find the butter quite useful. I'm going down to the village to a dance tonight, I expect it will be a fairly lively place, I hope so anyway. I wish you wouldn't worry when you hear of these bits of raids, good lor, there's nothing in them at all, we have some real fun overthere, it's just sheer bad luck for those that don't come back. I must get my log book filled in for the end of last month, so will say Cheerio for this time

best love from




Eric Cooper, with sisters Lily May, Eva, and baby Ivy with Margaret Cooper.


Photo: Family group: Eric Cooper as a boy, with his sister Lily May, Eva and toddler Ivy.  May ( with glasses) I think is holding her cousin Margaret Cooper.




Bourne, Cambridgeshire.



Wed. night

Dear mam and all,

Just one or two more lines to let you know I’m still o.k. I hope to be having a letter from you tomorrow all being well. Could you please send me a pen nib and a couple of stamps, honestly I’m as poor as a Church mouse until next Friday so I hope you can send them. The weather has changed for the better here today, as all this past week, it’s been pretty miserable, raining almost every day, it did make this seem a dreary place. I suppose about next wek you’ll be enjoying some new potatoes out of G. Snells’ garden, I wish I could be there and help you out with them. Now mam talking of those reminds me it’s almost supper time, so for now

Goodnight and all love from

Eric xxx




Photo: Eric Cooper on right, with unknown airman.