Chipping Mon Night



Mon. night

Dear mam and all

thanks for the letter which arrived o.k. today, I hope you'll find the postal order in the parcel alright, I just stuck it in anyhow, I suppose it will get through. I hope Ivy will steer clear of all infectious diseases going around about Stoke, it's funny children being ill now the summer's almost here. You hadn't told me that Albert had joined up even, I was surprised to hear he's as near as Sutton, I suppose he might come and see you sometime when he has a day off. i hope you can get me some laces please mam, I can't seem to buy any around here, I only have one pair to my name. Thanks very much for the fags, but I don't like those archers medium navy cuts, I'd rather have Craven A or all Players next time please. I went to a good show last night, George Formby in "Let George do it", it was a jolly good show. I think we finish here in about a fortnights time, I should get at least a weeks leave at least, the other course in front of us passed out today, so we shouldn't be long before we do.Now mam it's almost supper time, so for now Goodnight and Cheerio

all love from





Albert (Larkins) was Eric's cousin,  his dad was Harry Larkins and Rebecca nee Marshall  Larkins, his mother, who was Julia nee Marshalls sister  who was eric's mother as mrs nee Marshall Cooper.

Albert was subsequently Killed in Action " Somewhere in Italy" you may read the letter of condolence sent to his wife by Lt Lowe who was commanding "D" Platoon of the 239 G.T.Company.

Eric was stationed at No. O.T.U. at Chipping Warden ( Wellington Conversion Unit) fromm 16th april 1942 - 11th of june 1942