Contents and quick links to History of WW1 dead of East Stoke, Elston and Shelton, Nottinghamshire


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A list of short biographies contained within                                                   page 3

A Short guide to British Army formations                                                      page 4

Author’s notes and disclaimers                                                                         page 6

Herbert A Bromley                                                                                              page 7

William B Baker                                                                                                  page 18

Harold Cooper                                                                                                      page 21

James P Cupit                                                                                                      page 32

Edward Godson                                                                                                    page 37

Frederick Hickman MM                                                                                     page 42

Leslie H Martin                                                                                                   page 48

Arthur Pacey                                                                                                       page 53

George W Price                                                                                                    page 57

John R Smith                                                                                                       page 63

Arthur Spowage DCM                                                                                       page 74

Herbert Towlson                                                                                                 page 83

Joseph V Wade                                                                                                   page 90

Alexander Mole                                                                                                  page 9

Bertram Johnson                                                                                              page 100



In Remembrance’ of the men who are commemorated in the parishes of East Stoke, Elston and Shelton, Nottinghamshire and one man from Newcastle upon Tyne who shares a grave with Arthur Pacey.