Evanton Fri Night



LAC Cooper EH

Hut 186

RAF Evanton



Fri night

Dear mam and all

thanks for the letter etc. which has arrived O.K. this afternoon, I think it's a good photo of May, don't you? I hope by such time as you receive this letter, she will be better and able to take up her duties at the hospital.Thanks for sending the cuttings about Shuft. I don't quite know what to think about it all, it looks very much like as if he might have bee semi-inebriated, but one can never tell, he might have been quite sober for anything, anybodywill ever know. I've got a very much needed holiday tomorrow, but the point is, it's a long way for us to get to town, I suppose we'll all finish up at the local village pub, if we can get in, it's usually something of a rush. Tell Ivy I'll write to her next time, I haven't time now, I've got to be out by 7.30 it's getting towards that time now, so I really must hurry. Just at present I'm almost crippled up due to the fact, that I've been doing bags of P.T. lately, I can hardly feel my legs, they're just like lumps of wood, I'll be glad when I get over it, it's as bad as being back at Bournemouth. now mam excuse the short note but I will really have to hurry, thank Ivy a lot, so now

Cheerio all

Map of old R.A.F. base at Evanton