Evanton Monday



LAC Cooper E H

Hut 186

RAF Evanton




Dear mam and all

many thanks for letters and cigs. received O.K. today. I'm busy tonight swotting up for the final board tomorrow. I mean to pass out O.K. so you can imagine I'm working hard tonight and I haven't time to write much to you. Don't send any more letters here after next Monday nights post anyway, because I shall be coming home on the Friday night and possibly they won't arrive before I leave, I won't write after Sun night myself, because I'll be home before the letters otherwise. I won't have any more photos to bring with me, I was very lucky to get those others done, so I'm afraid the good people will just have to squabble. now mam, I must away to my lesson books, so for now goodnight and all love from

Eric xx