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Dear mam and all

thanks ever so much for everything, I can't thank you enough, everything is lovely, the parcels arrived O.K. this morning, I am pleased, I wish I could have a 21st every month, I shall have enough soap etc. to last the rest of my life, never mind the duration, the blades are O.K. too. Please thank Arthur for me, it was very decent of him, considering I owe him 5/-, thank Aunt Ada too please, it's real nice to know that they think about me sometimes, I'm as pleased as a kid with a new toy, I never expected anything like this, I haven't reckoned up, but the things must have cost a heap of money, I hope mam you haven't run yourself to a lot of expense and I can assure you the cake will go through it tonight, by the time you get this letter, there won't be much left. Ethel sent me a very nice parcel too, I hope she hasn't given more than she can really afford, I know it's easily done, and I wouldn't like to think that you are denying yourselves to give me a nice present. I was with Luie on Tues. night, she said she hadn't heard from either you or her home, in fact she'd only had my letter for some little time, I hope you will drop her a line, she's already looking forward to her leave. I had a very narrow escape walking back from Chester too, I jumped a hedge as big as myself, out of the road of a car, he just brushed my arm, I found my hat yards away, I thought my end had come and another fellow with me too, still I'm O.K. yet, I just pricked my leg a bit on the thorns. Now mam I nearly forgot to tell you to give Ivy all my love and to give her all my thanks, bless her, she's great sending me a letter and fags too, tell her I'll be able to send her some, if she joins the A.J.S. when she's a big girl. I gave myself a nice birthday present, I woke up this morning with an awful cold, my head and nose are simply bunged up, I can hardly breathe just at present, I expect I'll be O.K. in a day or two's time. Well mam I'll say thanks once again and close for the present, with all love from



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  Loui (se) , Eric Coopers' girlfriend... also in WRAF uniform


Eric Cooper and Louise, dated 1941.