Jan 07 1946


Whittington Barracks,




My Darling,

As you will see by this postmark, the letter has been posted in Wolverhampton, I am with my pal at his house for the evening, we go back to the camp in the morning.

Well my dear, there was no mail for me thhis morning again, I wonder where my letters are going to: I do hope you have not taken ill, or I shall be taking French leave to see what is the matter.

This will not be a long letter, but I know you will be forgiving me darling won't you, this afternoon is the first time I've been out of the cookhouse since I came back.

We are going to the cinema tonight, it will be a change for Berts' wife, she is expecting her baby next month, and only goes out when I come over here, and that is not very often, so maybe a little change will do her good, she is only young too.

Well sweetheart, space gets short again, so give my love to your mother, my best wishes to Arthur, Eva & Ivy. I have not as yet found any brown paper to wrap your toffees in, but I will be doing before so long: or maybe I'll be bringing them.

Well my dear, till tomorrow, keep smiling, you have all my thoughts and love now, and always. Henry



Miss L.M.Cooper, S.R.N.,


East Stoke,





photo : Envelope with a Wolverhampton post mark.