Jan 13 1946


Whittington Bks.,



Sun 13 1 46.

My Darling,

Yet another week has slipped by and no one really noticed it, time flies and yet somehow it seems to linger and almost stop.

I have been busy making you a bit more toffee thiss afternoon, you like my recipe don't you, I have ------ no I won't tell you it spoils the surprise of the thing if I tell you, but one day soon you may receive another parcel.

How are things going at the hospital, I do not know whether you will be at home today or not, but I have tried to imagine what you have been doing.

Have you heard anything about the dockets yet, I do hope I did everything correctly when I filled it in, I checked everything twice and all seemed correct.

Yet you know they say when a person is in love nothing gets done properly, but you never know, maybe we might be different from the majority.

Don't forget to let me know which weekend you will be having off, I have been thinking of spending a Saturday in Notts with you, if you could catch the nine o'clock bus is it from Newark, it's a bit risky now coming home for two days, but if you cannot make that early bus, well home I come, army or no army.

Well really my dear, I don't know what to write about, all I can think of these days is how soon I can get home to you, and the quickest possible way.

I have planned and re-planned all I have to do when I come home, and I'm still here, wondering, worrying, and thinking hard of everything and if I have forgotten something.

I have to break some wood up to light my fire in the morning, so I will pop off and do it now I think while I remember, I shan't be long darling!

Well I've just been an hour my dear, but you will forgive me won't you? Darlin even when I'm not writing to you, you are ever in my thoughts, how could it be otherwise, I have found a true lover, one with whom very few can compare, you my darling; my only really sincere friend through the years past.

Time nor absence has not rusted my memory of the look in your eyes that night I left Stoke to go abroad, you most likely will have forgotten but I will never.

Through you I have found a happiness and a peace of mind I have never experienced before, darling mine as you know I have had one or two experiences of womens company, they have all failed miserably in my idea of how life should be faced. I can say and say with pride too you have the most sincere outllok on life and it's problems, just the same now as when we played as youngsters together.

All my life I have looked on and treated you with every respect, how other could it be now than what it is today, we have grown up and found that there is more than just a great friendship between us, but a love that is both fierce and everlasting.

I could go on all night you know praising yourself, and your ideals, my darling I love you so: you, the foundation stone of all my many dreams.

Well sweetheart mine, I shall be looking out for the postman in the morning, I do hope he turns up, I have managed to live three days without any mail, but four will drive me crazy.

Really I should not write any letters when I am in the state I am in now, just a mental muddle, upu will see I am more or less delirious with this letter.

Give my love to your mother when you see her, and my best wishes to all at home.

So darling I will close now I will be writing you again tomorrow mail or no mail.

Hoping you are both healthy, and happy; I am really fine, till tomorrow my dear, my thoughts are only, and ever of you.

Yours Forever, with Lots of Love,

X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X Henry X X X


Miss L.M.Cooper, S.R.N.,

County Emergency Hospital,

Bowbridge Road,