Jan 15 1946




My darling Sweetheart,

So you've been 'out on the booze' have you? Well I hope you enjoyed yourselves & didn't make yourselves look too daft. There's nothing more degrading than a drunken person is there? I'm sorry you've lost Bert, he's been a good pal to you hasn't he? But the army will be losing you too soon ---- that'll be the day. It'll be their loss & our gain.

You said my name was mentioned two or three times during the evening. Did the conversation go like this “I wonder what May would say if she saw you now?” & “ You'd never do that if May were here”. Did it? I can just imagine them pulling your leg like I get mine pulled when you're not here.

At last I've had my medical exam. & from what Dr. McDonald says I'm more or less normal. It wasn't much of a “do” really ---- he only examined my chest & weighed me etc. My weight. I was pleased to note has gone down a few pounds , soon I shall have a lovely sylp-like figure. Would you like me to have one or are you one of these men who say they genuinely prefer an “armful”? You've never told me but if you have any preferences let me know & I'll do what I can about it. If you'll let me have the measurements you like, sir, I'll do my best to supply them.

I've no news to tell you, except it's Ivys' birthday on Thursday & yours next Thurs. the poor kids been off work nearly a week with a nasty cold. I went home this morning & she seemed a lot better but Mother made her stop at home another day or so. Isn't the weather terrific? It had been such a heavy frost this morning it looked as if there'd been a snowstorm during the night.

I'm going 'up town' this morning to get the pattern I ordered for your Aunt Beat. It hadn't come in on Sat when I went.

I'm anxiosly waiting for the dockets to come through. I got an eiderdown on Sat. ---- not a very good one ---- but still it'll do for a time. Mr Reeves had got some really smashing blankets ---- “just the job”----- but of course I'd no dockets to offer him. I couldn't very well ask him to save them for me he couldn't afford that you see because he has to hand the dockets in to get more, ------ but I'm hoping he'll have some when I've got the necessary.

He's doing his best to get me various things that aren't on dockets so I'll try & help him as much as I can.

My hands are a lovely mess again. I am fed up. I no sooner seem to get them better & they breakout again. This is the third time so I hope it is the last.

I've been lucky enough to have had 9 stocking coupons given me by the firm. I'm due to them really but I thought 'I'd had 'em'. They'll be a bit of a help in the crisis which is coming shortly. When I think of all the new clothes I need ----- I shudder with horror.

Still, if I can have nightwear made of flour bags I suppose I could have some pants made of the same material. At the moment I've some quite nice pink French ones on ----- I forgot to pt lace round them though when I made them ---- I put them on for the doctor's benefit & then I didn't have to take my clothes off for him to examine me!

It's a bit off you know when you think all these glamourous undies are only seen on the clothes line! In future I shall wear red flannel & red flannel only ---- it's not so discouraging.

Well, sweetheart, I must close & do a spot of work. The old doctor has been giving me advice on how to treat me. Sensible advice. He says no woman can make him do anything & yet he does things for me. I know I'm ever so “bossy”. You won't let me “boss” you, will you? Not that I could because I've 'no will power' when I'm with you. I must make up for it when you're not with me!

All my Love Always,

Yours alone

X X X X X X X X X X X May X X X X X X X X X X X

557876 Tpr. J.H.Hallam R.A.C.,

H.Q. Coy (Sgt's Mess Cook ),

G.S.C. Depot,

Whittington Barracks,