Jan 19 1946


Whittington Bks.,




My Darling,

I was pleased to get a few lines from you this morning, there was no mail for me yesterday.

Well I have just finished, I have done my weekly washing, and cooked dinner for an escort sgt., and made sandwiches for the R.Q.M.S.

The time is now twenty mins past nine, I want to do one or two more jobs that you will benefit by before I go to bed.

I am all alone again, it being saturday night everyone is out, I think I miss you more at times like this than I do when the others are here. My thoughts are free to think when I'm alone, there is no real privacy when in company is there?

Well sweetheart, how are your hands, and that cold you have, I hope it is getting better.

You will forgive me if I don't write a very long letter tonight darling won't you, all I want to do is lie still, and think of you and our future plans.

Remember me to all at Stoke, give my love to your mother, tell her o often think about her too.

Till tomorrow dear heart, your ears will be burning, it will be myself thinking of you, keep your chin up, you have all my love,


Miss L.M.Cooper, S.R.N.,

County Emergency Hospital,

Bowbridge Road,




ears burning Ears are burning, one's - one is being talked about
A tingling or burning sensation in the ears supposedly means that a person is being discussed by others. The origin of this belief goes back to Roman times when augurs (see Under the auspices of) paid particular attention to such signs. Pliny wrote: 'It is acknowledged that the absent feel a presentiment of remarks about themselves by the ringing of their ears' (Naturalis Historia, AD 77). The ancient belief that the left signifies evil and the right good applies here also. Both Plautus and Pliny held that if a person's right ear burns then he is being praised, but a burning left ear indicates that he is the subject of evil intent. English literature, from Chaucer to Dickens, abounds with references to burning ears.

According to ancient belief, other unexpected bodily twitches and sensations also warn of events to come, among them the eye and the thumb. A flickering right eye, for instance, indicates that a friend will visit or that something longed for will soon be seen, and a pricking in one's left thumb warns of an evil event. Source http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/532443