Jan 25 1946


Whittington Bks.,



Fri. 25. 1. 46.

My Darling,

Well the last night has arrived, and I am staying in tonight to get a rest, I shall be up again at four in the morning.

As you will not get this letter till Monday I hope it helps to cheer you up somewhat, I know I always feel a bit better when I come back and find a letter on my bed.

I was happy to receive two letters from you this morning, I will have another look to see what you have to say, I have read them three times now.

Thank you my dear for your kind wishes, I'm feeling deeply touched.

Yes sweetheart I do eat sweets sometime, but I have been without them for so long now I don't miss them, I would sooner have a cigarrette any day than sweets!

No my dear, I am not trying to make you any fatter, you must blame that on your liver.

You seem to be getting all the inside information on the subject of marriage don't you, I think you will have to pass some of your knowledge on to me.

Thank Marjorie for her kind wishes, and give her my best regards, when you write to her again.

Darling even though I have been going to the dentist pretty often, I am in the best of health as you will see tomorrow for yourself.

He has pulled one out, and filled four to my knowledge, and I have another appointment with him next Monday at two o'clock.

Alright sweetheart mine, we weill see whether you will pull your skirts right over your knees, I don't mind if you do, I can always pull them up again, why hide beauty, womens legs are made to be admired you know, especially yours darling.

Darling, you shall have all the flower garden you want, I will help to look after it too. I believe there is a lilac tree too, but I'm not sure.

Well sweetheart, I am having a look at your second letter now: yes my dear I have been going to the cinema quite a lot lately, but it's only to get out of this place for awhile, it is like walking out of prison to walk out here and be free for a few hours.

I can think more clearly too when I'm out, work doe not then conflict with my more happier thoughts and I always see a film that makes me want to come home to you more than ever.

I could have yelled in birmingham the other day when the organ played the tune to the song you sang at home while I was there: it was “I'm in love with two sweethearts”, and darling I missed you then.

While I think of it, in case I forget this weekend, Beat wants to know if you want the costume ready for the wedding, she is too shy to ask you and has asked me if I will ask you, you can tell her then when you see her, I shall most probably write to her sometime next week.

Well my dear, give my best wishes to all I know, and all that wish to be remembered to me.

Now my dear, another three weeks from now (as you read this) I shall be well on my way to civvy street, and that will call for a celebration I think don't you.

So darling, we shan't be parted much longer now, they say everything comes to those who wait, and heaven alone knows we've waited.

Till you hear from me again dearest, keep smiling and all will come right for us.

All my love darling, forever and forever,

Love and Kisses, Henry.


Miss L.M.Cooper, S.R.N.,

County Emergency Hospital,

Bowbridge Road,