Kriegsgefangenenlager 1944 11 12


Kriegsgefangenenlager                                                                                    Datum: Nov. 12 44.


November 12, 1944. My Dear May, I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy, and on better terms with your Matron. It was a pleasure to read in your letter of August 16 that you were getting good news, and were looking forward to seeing us all very soon. It might interest you to know, snow fell quite heavily here this week, it made me think about Christmas and all the happy times that are past. I had hoped to be home with you for this Xmas but I don't think I'll quite be able to make it, anyhow what is wrong with Easter time? And lily time, that reminds me that is one of your names, lily May isn't it. I can quite agree with you about night work, I have to work at night too once a month, the first night is always simply awful. Well May my dear, I shall also be very happy when I can talk to you personally, this letter writing is all (bosh), the same old questions and answers every week, if only I could tell you what is really happening here. Remember me to all, all my love, Henry.

photo: Stalag 344 Gepruft 10


10       Stalag 344 Geprüft


Postmarked 22.11.44.