Kriegsgefangenenpost 19430808_Eva


Kriegsgefangenenlager                                                                                   Datum: August 8. 1943


Dear Eva. So pleased to hear you are all in the best of health, do you like Jack thistling, I've spent a few days at that when I was younger. Tell your mother I will pop round just the same when I come home. Give my love to May, and the others, hoping to see you all soon, keep smiling, lots of love, Henry.





Written August 08 1943

German Post Mark August 30 1943


Jack thistling.. this was a very necessary job often given to the most junior of employees on a farm, and could be used as a sort of punishment! The 'jack' or common thistle (Circium arvensis ) would be removed by a special trowel or two-pronged fork fitted with bars either side to help push the tangs deeply into the soil, which would remove the long tap root by simply levering it up. This was a very lonely and boring job, but necessary as the thistle seeds are so prolific as to make a pasture almost unusable if colonised by thistles.

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