Kriegsgefangenenpost 19440918


Kriegsgefangenenpost                                                                                            Datum: September 18.44


My Dear May. Ihope this letter card find you both well and happy. I am in the best of health up to writing, I hope your mother and all at home are all enjoying good health too. I was pleased to read that you had enjoyed your holiday at home, it would have been grand to have spent a few days with you: still we have that pleasure to come, and it will be a pleasure too; going over all the old places we used to go, across the Park and across the Jenkin's. I think we all live on our memories here, because our memories are so dear to us. As you say we are four years nearer to the end now, in fact I think the end is very near just now. We are all very much hoping to be home very early this coming year, then we'll have some fun, I have five years of it to make up. Well my dear, I shall have to close again, keep smiling the good old days are nearly here again. Hoping to be with you all very soon maybe before this letter reaches you. Henry.


35.   Stalag 344  Geprüft


Passed P.W. 3070