Kriegsgefangenenpost 19441029


Kriegsgefangenenlager                                                                                   Datum: October 29 44.


October 29. 1944. my Dear May. It is Sunday night, and letter writing time once again, I often wonder wht you are doing as I write these letters, sometimes you seem to be many thousands of miles away, other times I imagine you are really near to me again, just like old times. Well my dear I hope you are both well and happy. I am O.K. but longing to be with you in dear old England once again. So Phill says you have a frightening look in your eye, I always thought that the look in a nurses eye was always kind, most attractive in fact. I will most certainly let you know when I'm coming home, but not when I land in England, because we shall have to go to an army camp to be demobilized first. I am looking forward to sending you that wire though, that will be the day won't it. Give my best wishes to your mother and all at home, to my mother and all when you see them, all my love and kisses, keep smiling, love Henry.


35      Stalag 344 Geprüft.

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