Letters of August 1945


East Stoke




My Darling,

Well here I am again, I have been working all day today and I feel a little tired tonight, but not tired enough not to write to you.

Dearest I thought of you when I got up this morning at 6-30 am, how strange to be up and doing so early in the day.

I went up to see your mother & to buy some cigarettes, they are all well and cheery. Jay goes home tomorrow so I said 'goodbye' to her, I shall be at work tomorrow when she goes.

They all came down Fiskerton Lane for a walk tonight, whether they came to see whether I was really working or not I don't know but anyhow they see me working so busily.

You will have read the good news by now, I think you must have prayed for me to stay with you a little longer darling well your prayers have been answered.

Won't it be grand when we get our little home of our own, and I come home at night to my darling wife, and you don't have to work and slave for a lot of everlasting thankless people.

Darling I 'm looking forward to the day we get married more every day, have you made any plans, we must make plans you know, and exchange ideas on the things that mean so much to both of us.

I think if we can get a house for next year, it would be grand to be married at Easter time, but we must have a house, furnished and all ready before we get married then we can be just as I have always dreamed and schemed to be, alone, in a house of our real own, and happy darling.

You must tell me darling, if I can help you financially I will anyhow; what is mine now is yours and what is yours is yours forever.

Tell me what you are thinking of won't you, then I shall know more of what is passing through your mind.

Well my darling, I shall have to close, dad is pulling my leg as I write this, he is an old annoying beggar, he dictates to me now as I write this telling me what to put, of course I 'm not putting it.

Well – well again, I say again to you goodnight, sweet dreams, I 'm thinking only of you always dear.

Yours forever,




Jay I think she is Eva's pen friend.



photo : Fiskerton Ferry from an old postcard.

The observer is standing on the Stoke side of the river. The ferry operated into the 1950's.