Letters of June 1945


16, Waterslacks Lane,



Sun 3.6.45


Dear Henry,

I thought I'd better let you know I arrived back O.K. The train was on time all the way & I caught the 10.40 bus from town & as it happened the door of the home was open so everything in the gardens lovely.

I'm writing to Mother tomorrow & sending some washing home, but if you see her will you tell her Marjories' results didn't come & won't be here till next weekend.

Thankyou very much for a lovely day. I do hope you managed to get home alright. I really enjoyed myself, but it seemed to come to an end too quickly. I put my roses into water on the train & they soon revived & they're as nice as ever they were now.

As you can see I've begged some paper to write to you. I'm at Marjories' home as it is our half-day. I'm asking Blanche about my holidays tomorrow morning so, all being well I should be home for next weekend. I'll write anyway as soon as I know.

Next time I come home I do hope Annie (all due respect to her ) will find a job to do as the train comes in. I don't think witnesses are really necessary do you?


Marjorie thanks you for your regards & sends hers to you.


Well, there's too much noise to write much, so I 'd better close.


All my Love.

Till next time.




Tpr. J.H.Hallam

School Lane

East Stoke

Newark Notts.



Waterslacks Lane is Marjorie Hardwicks' home address. It is possible that the house and Lane no longer exist after much urban modernisation in the 1970's. There is no reference to it on modern street maps.

Blanche is either sister or matron ( Old Nausea)

Annie is dad's sister.