Letters of May 1945





May 15 1945



Dear May,

Just a few lines to let you know I'm really and truly at last on my way home, though I really started on the 19. January but the Jerry still had me then. I am waiting for the lorries to take me to the aerodrome as I write this, I think we shall be having tea in dear old England today. Well my dear, give my best wishes to all at home, I hope to be home on leave in a few days of landing, so I'll be seeing you, keep smiling,


Lots of love from






Miss L.M.Cooper

Nurses Home

City General Hospital

Sheffield 5




Letter provided by American Red Cross, postmarked 19 thMay 1945. Form 539. Signed on back with Army number.


Photo : Miss Lily May Cooper as she was before Trooper Joseph Henry Hallam went to war.

Photo: The repatriation of P.O.W's from Rheims.


Photo :  On their way back to England.