Letters of November 1945


Whittington Barracks,




My Darling,

As usual your letter turned up about eleven o'clock this morning. I always begin to look around for the mail at that time, just like a hungry calf that is used to being fed at certain hours.

I did write the name of one of the surprises for you on the carriage window but you did not catch it, it was not written too plainly either :- just to confuse you, anyhow darling you will know what it is one day next week.

I am almost siiting on top of the fire tonight, it is much colder, or am I feeling it. We have just had a cup of tea and some bread and pork dripping, we eat in fits and starts here, we might go nearly 24 hours before we decide to eat again.

Oh, you want to know what the needle jabs were, well one was T.T.1, and the other T.A.B.1 so now you know. You need have no fears of them sending me anywhere else, I'm here till “demob” without a doubt, I wouldn't mind being sent to Notts or Lincoln though.

Well my darling, there is not any news to tell you, I've had no mail from anybody this week only a liitle line of love from you my dear.

I had a trip down to Lichfield this afternoon, but the blessed shop was shut, I was back here in camp within an hour. I shall be popping off in the morning, 'cos your surprise No.2 comes from the city of Lichfield.

Give my love to all my dear. I am on duty all this week and the other cook goes to see his wife for 3 days.

All my love Darling till tomorrow, I'm sending you a X.

Yours. Always. Henry.

Nurse L.M.Cooper,

Nurses' Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield 5.





photo: page of letter full of "kisses" in regular coloumns.