Letters of September 1945



Sunday 2.


My Darling,

I hope this letter finds you both well and happy, as it leaves me. It is a lovely morning here, the sun is trying to shine, and the birds are singing.

I went down to Hampstead Heath last night with a Scotch laddie, there is not much to see there, two cinemas, and about dozen pubs, there are two very nice public playng fields and grounds though.

We had a walk all round, bought enough petrol for my lighter to last a year, and a stock of tobacco, wicks & flints. I saw a lovely china tea service, 6 cups, saucers, plates jugs and tea pots, for £5, but it is such a long way down here to get anything big and heavy.

We might go to Brighton today, and we might not, it just depends on the mood we are in after dinner, most likely will be into bed or out of barracks.

Well my darling, I'm simply longing for the first letter from you, which I should get tomorrow morning, it seems ages and ages since I saw the familiar writing and a more familiar blue envelope.

We start training in earnest this next week, the last week though I believe they take us round some big factories in London, and shew us how different things are made.

Give my love to your mother when you see her, my regards to Eva, Ivy and all I know.

All my love for you, “darling”; till we meet again, I'll be ever true.


X X X X X Yours Always: Henry X X X X X X X X





photo: Envelope for letter supplied by the N.A.A.F.I. 19450902.


Nurse L.M. Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield 5..

This allowed one standard 'Letter' page, and would fold along pre-made creases to form an envelope.


photo : Gardens and promenade, Brighton.

photo: postcard addressed to Lily May with "kisses" insted of a stamp!



               Just a line to let you know I have remembered you all day, there is not much here unless you roll in money, hope you had a happy Sunday, love, Henry X X X X X