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Lieutenant Herbert Assherton Bromley

7th Battalion Canadian Infantry British Columbia Regiment


Herbert Assherton Bromley was born in East Stoke on the 16th October 1879 the 3rd son of Sir Henry Bromley 5th Baronet.


At the outbreak of war Herbert was in Vancouver, (British Columbia) Canada and on the 17th September he volunteered for the Canadian Infantry and accepted the rank of Lieutenant.

Bromley Attestation Paper Front. 

Lt Herbert Bromley: Attestation Paper (Front)

Bromley Attestation Paper (Back)

Lt Herbert Bromley: Attestation Paper (Back)

The 7th Battalion and Lt Bromley arrived in England on the 14th October 1914 he accompanied his O.C. (Officer Commanding) and 47 other officers with 1,083 other ranks. The 7th Battalion was only created in Vancouver on the 2nd of September 2 weeks later Herbert volunteered.