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Dear Mam and all

Thanks for the parcel, the pastry was grand and the fags were the first I'd had for a week, so you can tell how much I appreciated them. I've had a letter from Mabel this morning, I can't send her a photo because I only had 3 done one for you Louie and Alf, send me some of those we had taken that Sun. at home, Louie wrote and said she would like one or two then I can send them on to her and Alf too, please send me some envelopes too I've run out I'm borrowing now and a few stamps please. My vaccination's just started to come up, my arm's swelling like a teacup, we have to be innocultared again next week then we're finished for a time, the pain's not much at a time, it's the after effects, I nearly went ctackers over the last one. How's everybody keeping, G. Snell and old J. Padgett are they alright? I'm feeling as fit as a fiddle now, I was on a five mile cross country run on Thiurs., we think nothing of that now, after doing P.T. regularly for a fortnight. I've just had half my time here now only another fortnight to go and then we're posted, I'll be glad to get away for a lot of things, I'm not near enough home to get home on a 48hrs pass, we've completed all our foot drill and started bayonet fighting and rifle drill, next week we start on the range firing our course, you can see we've done as much in two weeks as would normally take 3 months to learn, so you can bet it's been nothing but cram from morning till night. Now mam I've 3 more letters to write, so I'll say Cheerio and best love from

Eric xxxxxxxxx