Moorman and Hallam 1981


Nice to see you.

two ex-POW's meet 1981


Grimsby Evening Telegraph. 1981 shortly before Trooper Hallam's untimely death.

Nice to see you.

Ex-prisoners of war Mr. Charles Moorman (left ) and Mr. Henry Hallam.


Two former prisoners of war were re-united in Cleethorpes.

There was a knock at the door at the home of Mr. Joseph Hallam ( 62 ) of 24 Glebe Road --- and standing on the doorstep was Mr. Charles Moorman ( 64 ) from New Zealand.

The two men had not seen each other since they were prisoners of war in Germany over 35 years ago. But they recognised each other immediatley.

After that the years rolled away as the two Army Veterans talked about their four years as POW's in Germany.

Mr. Hallam was a cook with the Sherwood Rangers when taken prisoner in Crete, and Mr. Moorman was a driver with the 22nd Battalion of the New Zealand Expedionary Force when captured in the same theatre of war.

One of their more vivid memories was of a seven – day train trip into captivity with 60 men crammed into each cattle truck, with a few loaves of bread thrown in as sustenance on the way.

The two men became firm friends in Stalag 344 near Danzig when they were assigned to the same working party. Mr. Hallam being the only Englishman among New Zealanders.

It was in 1945, when they were out of camp on a working party, that their guards disappeared and left them, and the men realised their internment was over ---- and that was the last time the two men saw each other.

Until last Friday --- when Mr.Norman and his wife Lilian, from Wanganui, on a two month European holiday tour decided to call in on Mr.Hallam and his wife, May, and stayed for the weekend.

joseph henry hallam with unknown kiwi soldier, Crete.

Joseph Henry Hallam, having a smoke in Crete with unknown soldier in long boots.