National Registration Identity Card

National Registration Identity Card. Eva Cooper, (formerly of Fosse Road, East Stoke, Newark) , Bottom Street, Elston, Notts..

GR 998876



1. Always carry your Identity Card. You must produce it on demand by a Police Officer in uniform or member of H.M. Armed Forces in uniform on duty.

2. You are responsible for this card, and must not part with it to any other person. You must report at once to the local National Registration Office if it is lost, destroyed, damaged or defaced.

3. If you find a lost Identity Card or have in your possesion a Card not belonging to yourself or anyone in your charge you must hand it in at once at a Police Station or National Registration Office.

4. Any breach of these requirements is an offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both.


National Registration Identity Card.



For Official Entry only (apart from Holder's signature) Any other entry or any alteration, marking or erasure, is punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both.


The National Registration Identity Card of the webmaster, issued on the day of his birth!

(I'm 63-- so you don't have to work it out!)