Newark Advertiser Sgt. Cooper reported missing

Sgt. E.A. Cooper.


Official intimation has been received that Sgt. E.A.Cooper, R.A.F., has been reported missing.

Sgt. Cooper is the son of Mrs. and the late R. Cooper, of East Soke. Before the war he was a member of the staff of the Newark L.M.S. Station.



Published by the Newark advertiser, Eric's initials were 'E.H.' and not as published.



Cutting from the 'Newark Advertiser'.


The 'late' Mr. Cooper.




Newak Advertiser: Obituary for Sergeant Eric Cooper.


" News has been received by his widowed mother that Sergeant Eric Cooper, R.A.F., who was recently reported missing over Germany in 1942, has been buried in the communal cemetery at Werkendam, nine miles east of Dordrecht....."