Oakington Fri night

Post marked Cambridge 1942 06 18

Sgt. A/G Cooper
Fri. night

Dear mam and all
landed o.k. about 4.30 this afternoon, it was pouring with rain too when I arrived, but I find it isn't a bad place at all, it's right in the heart
 of the fruit growing country, where Chivers make all their jellies etc. it seems alright.
Tell Ivy I've just seen a fellow and he says I've to give her 11 xx when I come home next time, ask her if they will be enough.
 There's a dance on here tonight, but I don't think I'll go, I'm too tired, I'll have a long night in bed I think instead.
I can't tell you much just now mam because I don't know any thing, so I'll write you more tomorrow on Sunday, for tonight then,
Cheerio and all love from
Eric xxx



Little sister Ivy's 11th birthday.