Oct 03 1945


557876 Tpr. Hallam, J.H.,

H. Company, ( Cook),

G.S.C. Depôt,

Whittington Barracks,




My Darling,

I was very pleased to receive a letter from you this morning, life doesn't seem half so bad when I can enjoy the pleasure of your correspondence.

Don't worry, I can fix auntie if she gets upset, although I am a little bit sorry I did not see her, I did not take 48 hrs off to see her, she is only a minor detail.

I am pleased to hear that you will be able to get a job in Newark my dear, will you live at home or where?

Talking of houses, you heard what my mother said Sunday, the house that Ricks are living in, the new ones by the school will be empty next March, would you care to live there for a while, I should have to work on the farm, but I don't mind that till I see how the wind blows. If we decide to apply for it, I have a good chance of it you see, I shall be an ex-serviceman by then I hope, and not only that one of the trustees, Bradley of Thorpe Lodge is a friend of mine.

When I get to Litchfield, I shall write to the old Boss, and query him as to his plans when I come home, a job in hand is worth two in the bush isn't it, I have good reasons to believe he has some plans already made.

I don't think you will need to slim for me to carry you over the threshold of the house, you might think you are heavy, but I am A.1 you know, and very strong.

You'll get to drink plenty of milk, i'll get even with you, and your bottle of milk, “pas mal auf”.

“Meine Lieber schatz, der tag wird komme, wann sie bist zu haus, und Ich bin also da”.

That will give you something to think about, I know you cannot read it, that's why I wrote it, “kennst du das, Ich liebe dich”?

“Fur dich, meine hertz knopfe treue!” Meine Lieber verloft, you will ne angry with me I know for writing, but I must tease you nur etwas, liebling mein!

It is a good idea going to bed early, you certainly need all the rest you can get, I can just imagine you going meekly to bed at 8 o'clock, as though I would even want you to.

Well my dear, everything is packed up, the beds are all away, kit bags and everything, we have the pleasure of the hard,hard floor tonight, breakfast is at four in the morning, so you can guess we'll be getting up quite early.

Well my dear, I do hope you have got settled down again, and everything is running smoothly.

Give my regards to Marj., I hope she is not suffering too much on the scarcity of rations, poor under fed little girl, I do really feel sorry for her. ??? x x x

I never thought Sunday, I should have bought her a pair of divided skirts, real bright red ones, with yellow stripes. Ha! Ha! Ha! ?

Did you get any of those Oxford Bags, they would be ideal for golfing in you know, your lag would go in wouldn't it? Hahahahahahaha.

Well i'd better close before I get into trouble, you will have something to say when you get this letter, I should just love to be peeping over your shoulder when you read it.

photo: 30th of October cryptic message.  19451030.jpg


I must close now darling, you know I love you, I have told you twice in this letter, but I cannot get tired of repeating it, my own darling and true, I will say goodnight darling, and sweet dreams, till we meet again you know I love you and will always.

Yours Ever,



Miss L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield 5.






“ Give my best wishes to all iknow, and all I don't know, my darling, I have really enjoyed writing this letter, I hope you know how to read this piece.”


Oxford bags were a loose-fitting baggy form of trousers favoured by members of the University of Oxford, especially undergraduates, in England during the early 20th century from the 1920s to around the 1950s.

photo : Oxford “bags”