Oct 06 1945


557876 Tpr. Hallam, J.H.,

G.S.C. Depôt, ( Cook ),

Whittington Barracks,



Oct. 6. 1945

My Darling,

it is just a week since, and almost the same time we went up to see mother, about quarter to eight Sturday night. Somehow it seems more than a wee to me, how the time flies doesn't it. I can hardly realize I was with you last week, it seems so much like a marvellous dream I have had.

“And time shall sigh as it speeds by to bring us another year.”, I can't remember who wrote those immortal lines but there is much wealth of meaning in them.

I often think of what the new year means to me, freedom, happiness, and the long,long, awaited union with you my darling, the day we shall be joined together in Holy Matrimony never more to be parted on this old earth. Sometimes I feel sad, when I think of all those years that have gone by in my life, literally thrown away, for what, some say so we will be free, and enjoy freedom, but that freedom is not for us, it is for those we love, and cherish so dear, our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, and sweethearts.

It has been a sacrifice I would most gladly make again sooner than any I love have to go and give their life and their blood, and to know that at least the ones we love so dear can enjoy life and freedom in a country that is so proud and just.

My heart is filled with joy darling when look at fate in the face, and realize just how much I have gained out of that last four or five years. I have learned to face black despair with a calmness and fortitude I never knew I possessed, and my patience would baffle even the devil now. But the most marvellous thing that I have learned, is the real and true love of a girl I never even thought would as much as return my love, my darling you have taught me something that I never really believed existed on this earth, love that is true and everlasting.

I don't believe it was just fate that brought us together, a far greater power than that was at work, we were meant to be united long before the knowledge was sown in our minds.

The winning of your love was well one million times worth the trials and hardships of six years war, I would willingly and gladly do the same again, if I thought I could ever loose your love.

Well my darling, I am in no mood to really do any sensible writing tonight, you will have to forgive me if I get too morbid.

I don't want to upset you either my dear, you really must pull yourself together you know, what should I do if you made yourself ill, I should be almost crazy here, and not being able to get away to see you. Please do not do any crying till you can cry on my shoulder, then you can cry, but let them be sweet tears of pure joy.

Darling everyday you carry my heart around with you, and when you get upset it hurts me terribly, I can almost feel the twinges of pain here. So much for my hard old heart, but darling you will try to be brave won't you, I care for you so much I could weep myself.

Give my love to all that have sent theirs, my business love you know, not the love that binds us so closely together: that is scred.

And give your mother a kiss for me when you write to her, and mine also darling.

I will love and leave you now my dear, but only for 12 hours, and I shall be penning away to you again, it is a sacred duty with me now.

Till we meet again darling, may sunshine and happiness brighten your days, and my love will keep you warm.

Yours Ever, and Always,



Nurse L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield, 5.