Oct 07 1945





557876 Tpr. Hallam, J.H.,

G.S.C. Depôt, ( Cook ),

Whittington Barracks,




My Darling,

Well how do you like the extra hour in bed, I really enjoyed mine this morning.

Have you noticed that the weather is really getting colder, I have got my great coat out of the kitbag all ready for winter, and am thinking of starting to wear undervests.

We are a bit short handed here at the moment, so we only get an afternoon off in 2 days, but the work is very easy now it does not matter so much.

My pal has gone home to Wolverhampton to see his wife this afternoon, she is expecting sometime in March, so he is rather anxious at the moment. I am going with him next week, I have to finish a bit of shopping I started at Bradford and there are one or two things I want to get done before Christmas comes.

We are quite near Birmingham here too, I might pay it a visit in the near future, when we get to know the way around.

Did I tell you we had a walk into Lichfield the other night, it is not a very large place, although it has the title of a city, there is a lovely cathedral there, and two or three cinemas.

But what a awy to go, it is 3½ miles there and 3½ back, not counting the miles you walk in the place. I don't think i'll be walking there again in a hurry.

Well my dear, there is not a deal to tell you today, everybody is more or less the same here, and nothing really exciting happens. We have a civvy here, he is a stoker in the cookhouse boiler room, and has a moustache excactly 9 inch from end to tip, I have never seen such a beauty, I am thinking of growing one myself?

Give my best wishes to all I know, and all at Stoke when you see them.

Till tomorrow my darling, I dreamed of you all last night, did you remember to smile this morning.

All my love as ever, I'll stand steadfast and true,

Yours Always,




Nurse L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield, 5.


photo : An army  'greatcoat'.

A heayweight outer garment made of wool which would fit over the normal, everyday uniform, sometimes called a trench coat.