Oct 13 1945




55786. Tpr. Hallam, J.H., R.A.C.,

H.Q.Company, (Sgts. Mess Cook),

G.S.C. Depôt,

Whittington Barracks,



Sat 13. Oct 45.

My Darling,

I have just come back from Tamworth, I walked there this afternoon, but I caught a bus back, it is five miles, I did not really enjoy the walk: I have been on the go since 5.15 this morning and cooked breakfast and dinner all on my own.

I should not have gone, only the post office here was closed, and I very much needed some stamps and a registered letter, and I had to get more cigs..

I have not had time to see about my leave, but I'm going first thing Monday morning, it is due to me I know, but I might have to wait a week or so.

Well my dear, another week has slipped by, one week less to wait for “demob”, it is a fortnight or more now since I saw you isn't it, really it seems like years, I get really browned off some days, I feel very browned off today too.

I wrote to your mother, and mine last night, it was not a very long letter, they will think I am a bit mean, only two pages, and I wrote my full address on too, that's half a page.

Still I believe your mother and mine were talking the other day only about letters and saying to each other that they were only secondary importance these days, we only had time to write to each other, but as we were both very happy they told one another they did not mind, --- and it looks like they won't have to mind, I do manage one letter a week though.

I been blessed homesick ever since I went home with Bert, it was just like going home, and being back in civvy street again: darling I want to come home to you now, never to leave you again.


( orphaned )



photo : Trooper J.H.Hallam in "civvies", i.e. normal civilian clothing.

The mark on the right wrist is an error on the photograph, not a tattoo.