Oct 15 1945


55786. Tpr. Hallam, J.H., R.A.C.,

H.Q.Company, (Sgts. Mess Cook),

G.S.C. Depôt,

Whittington Barracks,




My Darling,

I was so happy to get two letters from you today, Thurs & Fri letters of last week.it certainly makes the day more brighter when I get a letter from you.

I went to see about my leave this afternoon, and I find I am not entitled to leave till the 5 of November, so I think I shall hang on till Christmas, I want to be at home for Xmas this year if it is humanly possible, I have looked forward to it for so many long years.

Not only that, it will be my first Christmas at home with you, my darling, how I am looking forward to it, we'll make up for all the Christmas's we have missed and more.

I have been down to Lichfield this afternoon, I have got a liitle card which I am sending you, I have sent mother one too.

There is not much to tell you today, unless I told you what I cooked for dinner, there was roast pork, stuffing, apple sauce, creamed potatoes, baked potatoes cabbage and gravy: the sweet was baked jam rolls with custard, not bad what.

I have told your mother and mine that I might be coming on leave, you know what they are, they will be looking out for the buses now, I think I shall have to tell them I have decided to wait, and be sure of X-mas leave.

Well my darling, I have no need to tell you how much I love you, you know, so I will close, sweet dreams my dear, till we meet again, you have all my thoughts, and your heart is in my keeping.

Darling Yours Always.



Nurse L.M.Cooper,

Nurses Home,

City General Hospital,

Sheffield, 5.


Leave The army made a point of saying you were never entitled to anything, but the army was gracious enough to grant you leave of absence.