Photo gallery of additional war time images relating to Stalag VIIIB

A Gallery of sorts.. Photographs collected from books, postcard albums and lost corners.


The Prisoners of Gros Zeidel

Photo: Gros Zeidel

Gros Zeidel group photo with Joseph Henry Hallam

Photo: Trooper  Joseph Henry Hallam of Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry standing  2nd from right.

Cold one in Alex with Trooper Hallam & comrades in arms.

photo: Beer on the table.


photo: First bottle of beer in Tel Aviv.




Henry Hallam with brother Sydney

photo: Trooper Hallam with brother Sydney in East Stoke, Near Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Trooper Hallam in "civvies" smoking a Players cigarette.


photo: Trooper Hallam in "civvies" smoking a Players cigarette.

Joseph Henry Hallam with mother & Dick Hawkins

photo: Trooper Hallam with his mother and Dick Hawkins. ( Haven't identified the other soldier)

In Palestine

photo: rowing in Palestine with trooper Hallam.


photo: Palestine 1940: Tel Aviv. ( Reverse of above photograph) with censors stamp.

My father Joseph Henry Hallam. Forever in your debt.

photo: my wonderful father. Joseph Henry Hallam. I am forever in your debt.




Sherwood Rangers comrades in arms. Palestine

Photo: Just before church parade.

Trooper Hallam in riding uniform

photo: Trooper Hallam with jodhpurs and spurs.


kiwi p o w's


kiwi pow names

photo: October 1943 Gross Zeidel