POW Diaries 1945 April 03 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

April 3 1945 Tuesday.



Very windy, much colder today than yesterday. Another of our boys was shot last night: that makes three here. Humphreys has gone into Bautzen to see about Red+ We learn tonight that we are to move early in the morning. We are supposed to be going to a Stalag. Rations come up for one day only.



A separate page in this diary gives further information:


Striegau ( In barn over 6 weeks at village called Dpasseh Kowit )




Konigstein ( New camp here.. French here) ( Billet du Prisonnier, Maison du Prisonnier, Place Clichy,Paris)






Rumberg – Here we spend the most boring and hungriest time of our P.O.W. life. We were here when the war ended.

(Editors Note: Cannot trace this place name. Am Rumberg in Saxony is too far away from Konigstein, & does not correspond with  the place names mentioned after then end of the war---- Chemnitz, Gera, Erfurt < where he was flown to Rheims for repatriation to England>)