P.O.W. Diaries 1945 April 08 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Sunday April 8 1945

Have a good nights sleep. It is a lovely day but is very cold before the sun comes up. Water is rationed here. We've had one bread and one soup issue up to this morning.French civvies are in the same camp they must be some sort of conscript labour. No news of the war these last few days. I am now impatiently waiting for soup to come up. Soup comes up; and short ration we get our "buckshees" though, feel full after eating it. The time is 4.30p.m. Bread issue almost followed the soup. Parcels are expected tomorrow, I hope they turn up this time. Allied Propaganda leaflet were read this evening. I turn in early.