P.O.W. Diaries 1945 April 17 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Tuesday 17 April 1945


Much warmer night, there is a lot of activity around here. Planes strafe aerodrome few miles away this morning. More of our boys brought to the village last night. Had bread and jam for our breakfast and a cup of tea. I got a short ration of soup today. The weather is quite close. We have been laying in the sun all day: we had our tea ---- 1 slice of bread and jam outside. No news. I feel a little browned off today.



Editors Note:

!7th of April

The *th Air Force, with 1000 bombers has attacked the railways of Dresden and Czechoslovakia. They have also bombarded a petrol depot at Roundice, a few kilometres north of Prague.

Lancasters have attacked Pilsen, the city with the Skoda factories.