P.O.W Diaries 1945 April 25 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Wednesday 25 April 1945


A much brighter day. I did not sleep too well. News:- All P.O.W's must not be moved agreed between Germany and England. 3/4 Berlin gone. Just had breakfast, 1 cup of very weak coffee. Jerry searched the barn for spuds and firewood this morning. Kicked all the fires out.

Soup was very good today, also much thicker. We got a few spuds for the loan of the blower, cooked and ate skins and all. Bread up for two days, 2/5 of a 2kilo loaf; with 3/4 portion of smelling cheese, approx. 1 oz. We've eaten the cheese, also todays bread. Much warmer this evening. All three O.K. in health & spirits.