POW Diaries 1945 February 20 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB


Slept little warmer, there was an air raid which lasted all night last night. Had coffee and two slices of bread for our breakfast, one slice with marg, one without. Get out of bed 10 o’clock, have shave, and I feel a lot better. I cut a few mens hair this morning. Soup thicker today. Cut Dick’s hair, he starts to cut mine. No rations as yet. The cart went for rations, did not get any. I did a bit of darning this afternoon. Made a soup tonight out of crushed horse beans and a few spuds we had. It smelt and tasted o.k., hope it agrees with my stomach. Tom cooked it. We get spuds in their jackets from the cookhouse. We get about 5 a man when they came up. Dick has sold his boots for bread, we have only one pair spare boots with us now, quite plenty too, to have to carry.




Between February 20–25, 1944, as part of the European strategic bombing campaign, the United States Strategic Air Forces (USSTAF) launched Operation Argument, a series of missions against the Third Reich that became known as Big Week.

Dresden had suffered the infamous bombing raid by the RAF, the previous week.