POW Diaries 1945 February 24 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Februari 24 1945 Saturday.


Sleep fairly warm. Drizzling with rain. Tom warms a few boiled spuds up for breakfast, have a slice of dried bread with them, and one apple to finish off. The rations are due today. Wonder what the news is. Boil up more spuds, afraid we’ll all look like spuds soon. Rumour we might move on Monday.The rations come up! We get a loaf per man to last us for four days say the Jerry, also a little cheese. Dick does a bit of wood chopping. Tom is out on patrol. Also get a little of Jerry synthetic honey with our rations. Have cold spuds, little cheese and coffee for supper. Weather gets much colder I’m sure, our barn is cold.



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