POW Diaries 1945 February 26 1945 J.H.Hallam Stalag VIIIB

Februari 26 1945 Monday.


Wonders will never cease, we were awakened about three o’clock this morning by Sgt. Humphreys with a lorry load of Red Cross Parcels. Everyone is happy again. I too feel a little elated. Have coffee with milk and sugar in it, what a treat. The parcels are American the first I have seen; each parcel has one hundred cigs inside. I have given my cigs to Tom and Dick. I shall start smoking when smokes get more plentiful. Dick goes milking cows, gets a little milk. Tom makes a stew for supper. It is raining outside, we get in bed early again. Humphreys has reported the case of the man getting shot to Stalag  IVA




Stalag IVA situated Hohenstein, near Dresden.