P.O.W. Diaries 1945 May 19 1945 J.H.Hallm Stalag VIIIB

Saturday May 19 1945


I rise early. Mother & May are coming to see me this afternoon. Doctor is going to examine me this morning. I had good dinner today. Had lovely bath this morning. Mother, and May came soon after dinner I was almost in tears with happiness to see them, my old time pal Ken Roigard was with them too. I had never expected to see him again. Mother brought me cake and sandwiches. May sweets and Ken choclate. Mother also brought 100 Players. Doctor has examined me looks like stay.


' Ice Cold in Alex '

Ken (Kenneth) M. Roigard far right, Trooper Hallam next to him.


The beer label reads 'Lager Beer' ( Perhaps taken in Alexandria before embarking to Crete?) The Photo was stamped on the reverse  ' 4 Stalag 344 Gepruft'

Ken's address is:

25 Campbel Terrace


New Zealand.