P.O.W. Diary 1944 Stalag VIIIB J.H.Hallam January 25 1944

Januari 25 44

I had two letters from mother and one from George today. I learn some of my old pals are at home, lucky men, how I envy them. May has passed her exam. Joyce Hartley has married. The Russians advancing.


General Nursing Council Exam results 1943

photo: Parts I and II of the Preliminary State Examination, L.M. Cooper

The General Nursing Council for England and Wales
26 Nov. 1943.
Dear Madam,
I have pleasure in informing you that you have been successful in passing Parts I and II of the Preliminary State Examination held in September 1943
Yours Faithfully,
G.E.Davies S.R.N.
Miss L.M.Cooper